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Some common causes of divorce

Marriage can be a rewarding experience but it is by no means easy. Challenges are bound to come up, even for the most solid couples. The reality is that around half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Outlined below are some common reasons why this is the...

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Jealousy can weaken your marriage

Jealousy can arise from a number of factors. Your partner might envy your popularity, looks, professional success, wealth or other characteristics. They may be insecure and struggle with self-esteem issues. Whatever the cause, jealousy is an emotion that, if it gets...

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How can you save money on your divorce?

Filing for divorce isn’t something most people expect or plan for when they get married. Unfortunately, for many people, divorce happens.  When it is time to get divorced, the legal process can cost you thousands of dollars or more. Due to the high cost of divorcing,...

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