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What are 3 pitfalls of divorce?

Going through a divorce doesn't have to be difficult, but more often than not, there are a few snags in the process that might cause disputes or delays. There are often financial concerns to worry about, which can weigh heavily on your mind.

There are several financial pitfalls of divorce. Here are three to consider before you make the leap into ending your marriage.

Addressing the emotional aspect of divorce

Only you and your spouse truly understand what led to your decision to divorce. If you've been married 10 years or more, you've likely encountered many relationship challenges and have perhaps overcome quite a few. There is no way to predict which marriages will stand the test of a lifetime and which will face issues that spouses determine they are unable to resolve.

Regardless of whether you were the one to file for divorce, you no doubt have been experiencing a wide range of emotions as you prepare to achieve a settlement. Divorce is never easy and can be emotionally traumatic on many levels. The stronger your support system, the better. This is especially true if you have children or are facing legal problems regarding custody, visitation or property division.

Beware these common criminal charges on Halloween

With Halloween approaching, many people are looking forward to a night of fun, trick-or-treating or perhaps a few drinks and pranks. While All Hallow’s Eve can be a night of innocent fun and scares, it can quickly evolve into something more sinister.

Sometimes, it’s all too easy to take Halloween revelry a bit too far, resulting in civil or criminal consequences. The last thing that anyone wants on an evening of fun is to end up in jail. This Halloween, take caution to avoid these common crimes.

Helping your toddler understand your impending divorce

Toddlers are small, and they often seem like they don't remember things from day to day. They may not seem as observant as they truly are, which is one of the reasons why some parents don't think it's important to explain a divorce to them.

The reality is that toddlers do feel the strain of changes in your relationship, but perhaps not in the way you do. They know when they have changes to their routines and when there is animosity in the air.

Criminal defense attorneys: More than just a defense

Fighting in your defense is an important part of your attorney's job. However, your attorney has other jobs, too. When you work with an attorney, your attorney listens to you and gets to know your story. Your attorney is there to guide you and make sure you know what steps to take to avoid penalties you don't deserve.

When you're working with your attorney, you should do all you can to make sure your attorney knows the full truth of your case. Nothing is worse than getting to court and learning about new facts involved in the case or about witnesses who weren't discussed before. Your attorney needs to know everything in order to protect you.

Divorce rates: Declining, but marriages are, too

If you have heard that divorce rates are declining, then you might think that is a good thing. However, just saying that divorce rates are declining isn't the whole story. In fact, while the divorce rate has dropped by around 18 percent between 2008 and 2016, that isn't actually accurate when you look at the whole picture.

Once you account for the rising age of people getting married in America, you find that the decline is actually only around 8 percent. That is still good, but the reality is that marriage rates are declining as well. One sociology professor put it bluntly: You have to get married to get divorced.

Criminal defense techniques can help you protect your rights

You committed a crime, and you can admit to your attorney that you did. You haven't admitted anything to police to protect yourself, and it's a good thing you haven't. Now, your attorney has more options.

In your case, you're facing charges based on evidence the police and prosecution believe they have. On the other hand, your attorney can benefit from the fact that you have not admitted to your crimes. This gives them the ability to work with your story and find a good defense tactic.

What can you do if you don't want your spouse to get custody?

As someone going through a divorce, your first concern is your children. You and your spouse had a volatile relationship. You aren't sure that they are a safe parent or that they should have custody of your children.

You want to make sure that a judge has all the information about your case before a custody hearing is made. Your spouse has refused to negotiate with you to come up with a parenting plan. They allege that they have the right to primary custody. You can't stand the thought of that happening.

When is legal separation a smarter choice than divorce?

Making the choice to end a marriage relationship is never easy. You may be certain that you and your spouse no longer want to remain in the same house and function as partners, but you may also be unsure if divorce is a smart option at this time. For Illinois couples that do not want to move forward with a formal divorce, a legal separation is a smart and often beneficial option. 

Legal separation allows couples to live separately while remaining married. Of course, you could simply move out, but a legal separation agreement provides both parties with certain benefits and protections. If you no longer want to live in the same home, but are not ready to divorce, a legal separation could be right for you.

Uncontested divorce filing may be a wise option in Illinois

You are ready to part ways with your spouse and embrace single life. In fact, your spouse feels the same way. In this situation, it might make sense to move forward with an uncontested divorce filing.

Uncontested divorce filings offer the benefit of saving both money and time, due to the streamlined court procedures associated with them. Here is a look at what an uncontested divorce is and why it may be a smart option for you in Illinois.

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