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The importance of fathers to their children's development

Did you settle for less-than-equal parenting time with the kids when you split from your ex-wife? If so, you may have done yourself and your children a huge disservice.

Conventionally, a lot of people seem to believe that it's more important for mothers to be present in their children's lives on a daily basis than it is for fathers to be there -- but the research shows something much different.

Are you ready for your teen to move in with your ex?

You and your spouse have experienced many changes since the birth of your children. Perhaps the most challenging changes occurred during and after your divorce. Scheduling time with the children may have included arguments and disputes, but if you received primary custody, you were fortunate to be with them more often as they grew.

Now you have a teenager in the house, and this alone is a new experience. However, you may be shocked and confused if your teen recently announced that he or she wants to move out of your house and in with your ex. This is not unusual, but the way you handle the situation may mean the difference in your future relationship with your child.

Children of affluence affected more by parents' divorce

Did your divorce take you by surprise? If you generally had a comfortable and stable life prior to your divorce, you need to keep a close eye on your children in the months and years following your split from your spouse. They may be struggling harder with the divorce than other kids.

Divorce has become so common these days that almost every kid knows another kid whose parents are divorced. Most of the time, children seem to handle the shift in their circumstances fairly well -- far better than a lot of people expect.

One factor that increases your chances of divorce by a third

Women: Does your recent raise or job change mean that you now earn more money than your male spouse? Is your spouse working part-time to finish school or participate in child care because your career is on more stable ground and more financially viable than his?

If so, your chance of a divorce just climbed up by 33%. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, however, the blame for the breakdown in relationships over income disparity when a male spouse earns less than his wife can't be attributed only to the way men react. American women also have a hard time handling the imbalance.

Could 1 of these 4 things be quietly destroying your marriage?

Is your marriage withering away under the strain of something unspoken? Psychologists refer to certain traits in couples as silent "relationship killers." These are issues that come between couples over time -- without necessarily even being noticed at first.

The reality is that most marriages don't implode suddenly over something large -- like infidelity or a similar betrayal. Instead, they slowly disintegrate because they aren't be nurtured properly. What gets in the way? The following:

Separation anxiety during visits with a non-custodial parent

One of the hardest parts about being a divorced parent is the fact that you have to divvy up your child's time with your ex-spouse. It can be excruciating, however, when your child experiences separation anxiety during those visitations.

Neither you nor your ex-spouse wants your child to suffer. Having your child cling to you or cry as you walk away isn't pleasant for you. Peeling your child away from you as they cry isn't pleasant for your ex. So, what can you do to make things better?

The relationship between guns and domestic violence

Intimate partner violence is a serious problem in the United States. Statistically, around 2,000 people lose their lives in altercations with a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or ex-romantic partner. Over half of those deaths are caused by the same kind of weapon: a firearm.

The connection between firearms and domestic homicide among intimate partners is so strong that just living in a state that has 10% more firearms than another state increases a woman's chances of dying by gunshot 10.2%. Given that 90% of murdered women are killed by someone they know, that's an important factor.

Want an uncontested divorce? Do these 4 things before you start

If you and your spouse have decided to split and have agreed to resolve all of your issues in order to have an uncontested divorce, there are a few things that you still need to do as a couple before you proceed -- if you hope for things to go smoothly.

Here's where to start:

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