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How will a gray divorce affect your plans for your golden years?

The process of ending a marriage is complicated, but it may be even more complex for couples who are over a certain age. Couples age 50 and up are making the choice to end their marriages at a higher rate than other demographics, leading to the term gray divorce. In many cases, gray divorce involves several complex financial factors, such as retirement and division of extensive marital property.

The number of gray divorces is rising, even as the divorce rate in other age brackets is declining. In fact, the last 50 years has seen the divorce rate for people age 50 and up more than double. Reasons for this include longer life expectancy and less stigma surrounding divorce.

Rebuild your life following divorce with these steps

Going into your divorce, you need to have a plan for how you're going to rebuild your life -- financially, physically and emotionally -- once the divorce is done.

Here are some tips for regaining your emotional footing once the divorce is over:

Could your premarital agreement be invalid?

Premarital agreements are no longer discussed in hushed tones these days -- they're fashionable among the wealthy and the not-so-wealthy alike. The change in attitude toward prenups has largely developed as a result of two factors: the rise of the entrepreneur in American and the number of people who are delaying their marriages until they're more financially stable. Both groups of people have things they want to protect if their marriages sour.

But, if you're relying on a prenup to keep your assets safe in a divorce, there are some things you need to know. Your prenup could be invalid if:

Government shutdown will hurt the Illinois justice system

The Chief Judge of the Southern District of Illinois has issued a dire warning about the consequences of the federal government's ongoing shutdown on the justice system.

There are many obvious pain points related to the shutdown -- including the vast numbers of unpaid federal workers. However, many of the shutdown's less visible consequences to the criminal justice system are also serious.

Firm partner selected for Rising Stars lists

Attorney Alex Fawell is selected to the Illinois Rising Stars list for 2019. Alex is a managing partner at Fawell & Fawell who represents clients in family and criminal law matters.

Earning this honor only four years into his legal career is a significant achievement, and further signifies the high level of excellence Alex brings to his clients every day.

Getting a divorce? If you have children, be careful what you say

It takes strength to leave an unhappy marriage. People sometimes think of divorce as a failure of sorts, but the reality is that it's much easier to stay in a dysfunctional relationship and maintain the status quo than it is to leave one and start again.

That being said, there are some mistakes that you don't want to make on your new-found path to freedom -- especially if you have children, including:

Genealogy tests usher in new era of criminal investigations

As another holiday season moves past, thousands of Americans will be anxiously awaiting the results of the genealogy tests they received as presents.

Law enforcement officers may also be waiting on the newest addition to what has become an increasingly useful tool when it comes to closing cold cases: DNA databanks.

When will the court let you relocate with a child after divorce?

Relocating after your divorce can be tricky if you have a child.

Even if you have primary physical custody of your child, that doesn't mean that the court will automatically allow you to relocate a significant distance away from the child's other parent. A long-distance move could significantly interfere with that parent's visitation rights -- and might not be best for your child.

Considering cooperation and non-prosecution agreements

When facing a serious criminal situation, many Illinois residents may not fully understand their legal options. While you likely know that you have the ability to create and present a criminal defense against any charges you face, you may not know about certain deals or agreements that could potentially result in your facing lesser consequences for the alleged crime.

Plea bargains or plea deals are not an uncommon tool in criminal justice cases. Often, these deals result in individuals receiving lesser consequences or the dismissal of certain charges for pleading guilty to other allegations. However, you may not have heard of cooperation agreements or non-prosecution agreements.

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