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Falsely accused of domestic violence? Know what to do next

Domestic violence is a serious problem. However, not every accusation that makes it to a courtroom is valid -- especially during a divorce and custody battle.

If you've been falsely accused and served with a temporary restraining order, you need to understand exactly what to do -- and what not to do -- in this situation. Otherwise, you can quickly fall into a trap that will make your predicament much worse.

Do you have good reason for refusing your ex visitation rights?

Even those parents who manage to get along after a breakup may have moments of tension and conflict when it comes to raising their children. Parents with shared custody may have many more compromises and concessions to make, but situations in which one parent has custody and the other has visitation rights can also be fragile.

You probably had good reasons for fighting for sole custody, and if the court granted it, the judge must have agreed that your situation was in the best interests of the child. If your ex has visitation rights, you know you must comply with the court order. However, this may not always be easy.

You can cope with your divorce (really)

On any given day, life can seem totally overwhelming. There's work stress, kid stress, school stress, money stress and health issues to deal with -- so how do you manage to cope when your marriage stress turns into a divorce?

Carefully. You have to be prepared to focus on your kids, yourself and your divorce -- in that order -- for a while. Everything else may have to take a backseat.

Relocating after divorce could harm the kids

It's only natural to want to get a fresh start following your divorce -- but that's not an easy proposition when you share a child or two with your ex-spouse. Whether you have primary physical custody or not, it's generally better for the kids if the parents stay relatively close to each other.

A new study, recently published in the Journal of Family Psychology, has just overturned some conventional wisdom that's been driving decisions in family courts now for a while. Generally speaking, the courts didn't consider a parent's relocation a frivolous matter -- but it didn't consider it a serious problem, either.

How much can a child custody battle cost?

Custody issues can quickly turn into a bitter dispute between divorcing parents -- and that can escalate into a legal "battle royal" that involves a number of different parties and a significant expense.

Just how expensive can a child custody battle be? Here are some of the latest figures that will give you an idea of what might happen?

Planning ahead for a child's college education during divorce

If you're divorcing when your child is young, you probably have a lot of different concerns on your mind -- like where your child will live and what kind of child support will be necessary.

Unfortunately, there's one more thing you should think about -- even though the issue is years away from seeming important: Your child's ability to earn a college degree.

How do you find a support system during your divorce?

Everybody needs a support system during a divorce. But finding the people who will be there for you through these dark days may be harder than you initially realize at the beginning of your journey.

Why might it be hard to find good support during your divorce? Frankly, some people in your life may simply feel conflicted. If they're friends with both you and your spouse, they may feel guilty talking to either of you. Others simply can't cope with the emotional issues involved because of factors unique to their own life. To fill the void in your own support network, here's where you can turn:

Paternity: What to do if you aren't sure you're the father

A baby is a blessing that most couples look forward to. Sometimes, however, there are questions about a child's paternity -- especially when the parents aren't married.

If your girlfriend gives birth and you aren't sure if you're the baby's father, what should you do?

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