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Domestic violence is a tragic and painful experience that can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or religion. It can come in many different forms, including physical violence and verbal or emotional abuse. While physical violence is more often discussed in society and the media, non-physical forms of domestic violence can be just as harmful to a victim and other family members. It is essential to understand all forms of domestic violence, both physical and non-physical. For anyone experiencing domestic violence, knowing that you do not need to go on suffering is critical. It is essential to be aware of the potential legal options at your disposal. If you are experiencing domestic violence, do not hesitate to contact a family law attorney to seek legal remedies and ensure that you and your family members can remain safe.

At Fawell & Fawell, we understand how horrible domestic violence is. As a result, we stand firmly committed to representing those who have experienced and suffered from domestic violence. If you have experienced domestic abuse, regardless of whether it was physical or non-physical, we are here to help you protect yourself and your children.

Physical Forms of Domestic Violence

This form of violence constitutes acts that cause physical injuries, which can also have a variety of negative psychological effects on victims or family members who observe these acts. Physical forms of domestic violence often involve acts of hitting, slapping, kicking, choking, shoving, and more. These acts can be profoundly traumatizing for the sufferer and any children who are there to witness the violence. Physical forms of domestic violence often result in visible wounds or bruises, and records of medical treatment may serve as evidence showing that protection is needed.

Non-Physical Forms of Domestic Violence

This form of domestic violence is often referred to as emotional or psychological abuse, and it can be just as damaging as physical abuse. Non-physical domestic violence can manifest itself as verbal aggression, forced isolation, financial abuse, and coercion or intimidation. Many victims of domestic violence report experiencing emotional abuse more frequently than physical abuse.

Verbal and emotional abuse can include shouting, blaming, intimidation, put-downs, or other verbal communication intended to make a victim feel inferior. These acts may also involve isolation, in which a person controls where the victim can go and who they speak to. In these instances, the abuser may try to cut off communication with the victim's friends and family while monitoring their actions and telling the person they cannot trust others.

Financial abuse may include preventing a person from having access to financial resources, stealing money or property, or forcing a person to pay for things that are not their responsibility. A person may also use technology to control or further inflict abuse. This may be done by sending abusive or harassing text messages, emails, or other forms of communication, while also monitoring how a person uses devices and restricting who they can communicate with.

Coercion or intimidation is a form of abuse that involves forcing compliance through fear of violence, while also using controlling behavior to keep a victim from telling others what is happening. Victims often feel trapped in an abusive relationship, and they may lack the resources to seek help or break the cycle, or they may even come to believe that nobody cares about them or that they do not deserve to live in a different situation.

It is important for anyone who is experiencing abuse to understand that there are options. No one deserves to suffer from domestic violence, and all forms of abuse should be taken seriously. People who have been the victims of domestic violence or abuse may be able to obtain an order of protection that will allow them to leave their abusers, begin the process of divorce or separation, and resolve issues related to child custody or financial support.

Contact a Wheaton Domestic Violence Attorney

Whether you are experiencing physical or non-physical forms of domestic violence, you have legal remedies available that can help you leave a dangerous situation, protect your safety, and move forward to a better future for you and your family. Do not hesitate to contact a family lawyer to begin the process of seeking legal protection. At Fawell & Fawell, we have ample experience representing victims of domestic violence. Our compassionate family law attorney is ready and able to take on your case to ensure that you and your children will be safe from harm. Contact our family law attorney at 630-871-2400 for a free consultation today.

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