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DuPage County Family Law Firm, Fawell & Fawell, Announces First-Ever Winner of $1,000 Scholarship Program

out of state scholarship

Fawell & Fawell is thrilled to announce the first-ever winner of our $1,000 Out-of-State Student Scholarship for the Spring 2024 semester, expressly dedicated to supporting out-of-state college students. Today, we proudly honor Kyla Burroughs, a first-year college student at Howard University, as the inaugural recipient of our scholarship. We admire students like Kyla who choose to embark on their academic journey in a place unfamiliar to them, as doing so often features serious obstacles, many of which are unforeseen.

Choosing to pursue her higher education in Washington, DC, nearly 3,000 miles from her home state of Oregon, Kyla has shown us what happens when we bet on ourselves and our abilities. As a first-generation college student, Kyla has “set the bar” in her family, challenging her friends and loved ones to push beyond what they believe their limits are.

It is easy to find inspiration in Kyla’s journey, and as the first winner of our scholarship, we believe Kyla and her story will inspire other students to expand their horizons beyond what they feel comfortable with. Fawell & Fawell strongly believes that this scholarship will further enable Kyla to be the absolute best she can be in her studies and beyond.

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