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Championing Your Rights

Who Gets The Pets?

Historically, pets have been treated like property in a divorce. They have been subject to the rules of equitable distribution in the same way that the coffee table or the car would be. Of course, every pet owner knows that pets are much more than assets, and treating them as such is a disservice to them and their families.

Thankfully, Illinois is now pioneering a law that treats dogs, cats and other pets like the members of the family they truly are. Instead of pets being subject to the rules of equitable division, the law now allows pet parents to create and judges to order custody arrangements that are similar to those in child custody cases, with parents potentially getting sole or joint custody of the pet.

At Fawell & Fawell in Wheaton, our divorce attorneys are at the forefront of the new law, proudly helping pet parents protect their relationships with their loved ones. We treat these matters seriously, bringing more than 30 years of experience to do what is right for you and your pets.

The Best Interest Of Your Fur Babies

As in child custody cases, the driving rule in these matters is what is in the best interest of the pet. In most cases, that may be arrangements that allow a continued relationship with each of the pet parents. If such arrangements cannot be reached by negotiation and the matter goes to trial, the judge will weigh a variety of factors and order an outcome that he or she believes is in the pet’s best interest.

Our lawyers recognize how important your pet is in your life, and we will not let your relationship with your dog, cat or another fur baby get lost in all the other issues that must be addressed during a divorce. We will pursue the best possible outcome for you.

Free Consultations About Pet Custody

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