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Why do some divorced couples live together?

 Posted on March 06, 2023 in Divorce

After divorce, many people live separately from their exes, like in a different city, state or even another country. However, some divorced couples opt to live together instead. (There may even be couples who take advantage of Illinois Statutes Chapter 750 Families, Section 5/401 (a-5) (the six-month separation requirement) by living in different areas of the same building.)

You’re probably wondering why some divorced couples live together since there’s usually great tension between them. Here are three common reasons why they share living space.

To save money

Owning a home is expensive — and in some cases — moving out and renting an apartment is just as costly. Furthermore, moving in with a relative or friend isn’t feasible for everyone. Therefore, some exes decide to share the same household, even if it might take extra work to not break into arguments.

To raise any children together

Many divorced couples have minor children in tow. In addition, children with divorced parents typically have to move between houses a few times each week, which can be stressful for them, especially if parents have different parenting styles. Living together to raise children helps exes hold a truce for the kids’ sake. In addition, this arrangement can set a good example for kids to emulate and apply to their future relationships.

They still care about each other despite being divorced

Though antagonism and bitterness exist between some exes, others can maintain amicable relationships. Even if romantic feelings disappear — or they didn’t exist in the first place — some divorced couples are close friends and are willing to do everything possible to support each other.

Living with your ex after divorce may or may not be appropriate for your situation. If you need assistance related to divorce matters, consider reaching out to legal guidance.

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