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Want an uncontested divorce? Do these 4 things before you start

 Posted on April 25, 2019 in Divorce

If you and your spouse have decided to split and have agreed to resolve all of your issues in order to have an uncontested divorce, there are a few things that you still need to do as a couple before you proceed — if you hope for things to go smoothly.

Here's where to start:

1. Put your emotions on hold.

Your emotions had a lot to do with your decision to divorce. Now that you've made your choice, however, you need to try to turn off those emotions and approach your split as logically as possible. There will be time for you to continue processing your emotions after the divorce is done.

2. Get your financial paperwork together.

This is best undertaken with your spouse. You have to fully disclose all your income, assets, and debts anyhow. Therefore, trying to hide anything from your spouse is counterproductive and will just increase the time and money it takes to get your divorce over.

3. Separate your finances as much as possible.

Once you and your spouse start the divorce process, you'll each need separate accounts. For now, you can maintain a joint account for household expenses if you want, but both of you should be preparing for an independent financial future. You may each want to open credit cards in your own name — while putting away the jointly held cards so that no new debt is accrued on them.

4. Start putting money aside for upcoming expenses.

Divorce is an expensive process. If you and your spouse can agree to work together, an uncontested divorce will mitigate those expenses, but you will still each need to hire a divorce attorney to protect your interests. In addition, you'll have court costs, moving costs, furnishing costs and other miscellaneous expenses that go along with restarting your life.

Remember, even an uncontested divorce can get complicated if you file the wrong papers or don't observe the correct procedures. If you're ready to get started with your divorce, talk to our office today.

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