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Should you tell your child’s teacher about your divorce?

 Posted on July 03, 2020 in Divorce

You do not have to tell anyone about your divorce, other than your spouse. However, if you’re a parent, you may want to start thinking realistically about who it would be wise to tell. Does a child’s teacher fall into that category?

They do. First and foremost, some children struggle in school while the divorce is going on or immediately after it happens. They tend to regain their footing and adjust over time, but it doesn’t happen right away. If the teacher knows what’s going on at home, they may be able to help the child avoid any performance issues.

Remember, you always want to put your child’s needs first. Their education is important. If one simple conversation with a teacher can help them do better, it’s worth having.

One thing to keep in mind is that this should be a facts-only conversation. You do not need to get into any details or any drama. You don’t need to explain why the divorce is your spouse’s fault or tell the teacher why the marriage fell apart.

Instead, stick to the details. Where will the child live? How will you share custody? Who can drop off or pick the child up before and after the school day? When will the divorce be finalized? Give the teacher the basic information that they need to make their own life easier and to put them in a position to support your child as much as possible.

This isn’t the only area where you want to focus on your child’s best interests. Be sure you know what steps to take through the entire divorce process.

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