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Should you let teachers know about a divorce?

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If you’re getting a divorce and your children are in school, you may be considering telling their teacher about what’s going on. On the other hand, you may think that this is oversharing and that the teacher doesn’t need to know, or you may even feel awkward bringing it up because it is such a personal subject.

But it can actually be beneficial to tell teachers that you are getting a divorce. You don’t necessarily have to go into much detail. Making them aware can be helpful for a few different reasons.

Changes in the child’s behavior

For one thing, there may be some differences in your child’s behavior at this time. Divorce can be a bit stressful and children usually adjust very well to it after time, but those initial months can be hard. When a teacher knows why these behavioral changes are occurring, it makes it easier to navigate.

Teachers offer support

Furthermore, many children see their teachers as part of their support system. They trust them. They know them well. The teacher is someone they can talk to.

Changes to the schedule

Furthermore, there may simply be changes to the schedule on which you drop off and pick up your child. When your family situation is changing, you want to make sure that the school is aware of who can pick your child up and exactly how all the adult relationships work in their life. You may also want to tell the teacher if you or your ex end up in a new relationship, since your new partner may be involved with the child’s education and schedule.

Parents who are going through a divorce need to be sure that they understand all the legal steps to take at this time.

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