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Setting goals for your divorce could benefit you

 Posted on October 02, 2021 in Divorce

The divorce process can be trying at the best of times. Separating from your partner is a significant and life-altering decision.

In other aspects of life, we tend to set goals so that our intentions are clear and our expectations can be managed. This process can also be useful during a divorce. Asking yourself the following questions can help with good goal setting:

How quickly do you want your divorce to be finalized?

Every situation and divorce are different. If you have been married only for a short time and have no children or major assets, then a divorce could be finalized relatively quickly. Similarly, if you’ve already emotionally moved on and are involved with someone new, getting through your divorce as fast as possible may be more important than what you get out of your property settlement.

If you have been married for a significant number of years or there are several disputes to resolve, the divorce process could take longer. Managing your expectations around these issues could make the process easier for you.

What property do you hope to obtain?

In Illinois, marital property is divided equitably, but not necessarily equally. Prioritizing your needs over your wants can help you decide when you can be flexible with your divorce settlement and when you need to dig in your heels.

Do you require spousal support?

Spousal support could be a means of ensuring that your finances are balanced post-divorce. Obtaining spousal support could assist you in re-entering the workplace while still upholding a lifestyle that is close to what you had during the marriage. A financial plan can help you understand what kind of support you need.

Setting goals in your divorce might help you to remain optimistic and plan for the future. It is important to remember that as a spouse, you have legal rights and protections in your divorce.

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