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Selling a home in a divorce isn’t like your average home sale

 Posted on December 27, 2020 in Divorce

Many divorcing couples opt to sell their family home and divide the proceeds. Homes in this area are often too much for one person to afford on their own.

It’s in both your and your spouse’s best interests to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price. However, too many divorcing couples sabotage the home selling process without realizing it.

That’s one reason it’s best to get a real estate divorce specialist. They have training and experience selling homes for divorcing couples. There are even. It’s also important to share with them the relevant portions of any divorce agreement regarding the home and its sale.

Common mistakes to avoid when selling a home during a divorce

Just what kind of mistakes do divorcing couples make that can jeopardize a potential deal? Let’s look at how you can avoid some of the most common issues:

  • Don’t let maintenance and repairs go unattended. The same goes for cleaning. This can happen if the spouse who handled these things is the one who moved out. Your realtor can recommend a handyman, housekeeper and other maintenance pros who can help get (and keep) things in shape.
  • One spouse should continue to live in the home. You don’t want all of the furniture gone. Most realtors “stage” a home to help it show better, but if they have to furnish it to make it look somewhat lived-in, they may charge you extra. Homes typically can sell for a better price if prospective buyers don’t think the owners have already moved out and therefore need to sell as soon as possible.
  • Don’t let prospective buyers know about your divorce. An experienced realtor will know better than to disclose this information because that can also lead buyers to think they can get the home for less than it’s worth. However, don’t leave things out that could give your marital status away.

Your realtor will likely ask both you and your spouse to be somewhere else when they’re showing the home. The worst thing that can happen is for both of you to show up and start arguing.

If you need help finding a real estate divorce specialist in the area, your family law attorney can likely help you. They know that getting a good price on the family home can have a big impact on your future financial security.

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