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Is your child finding school difficult post-divorce?

 Posted on November 10, 2022 in Divorce

Neither you nor your ex found the divorce process easy, but you got there in the end. You’ve managed to reach amicable agreements and are now looking to move forward with your lives. It’s not as simple as you both going your separate ways, you still have a child to bring up.

If you and your spouse found the separation difficult then the chances are that your child found it even tougher. You’re concerned about the impact it’s all having on their schoolwork. Outlined below are a few signs that your child is struggling at school post-divorce.

Have they gotten into trouble?

You dropped your child off at school in the morning and set about the rest of your day. In the afternoon, you were shocked to receive a call from the school. Your child has gotten into a fight and you’ve been asked to collect them. This is totally out of character and has never happened before. Is it possible that another child provoked them because of the divorce?

Are they shutting you out?

It’s a tradition for the family to sit around the dinner table every night and discuss the events of the day. Your child was always pleased and eager to tell you what they learned at school. This tradition ground to a halt after the divorce. This is a sign that your child may not be enjoying school in the same way that they did before.

Poor test results

One way that you can tangibly judge your child’s school performance is by the test results. Studying has never been a problem before and your kid was a grade-A student. Post-divorce, these grades have slumped. It’s clear that the separation is a factor in this.

One way that you and your co-parent can help your child post-divorce is by working as a team. A sound parenting plan can assist with this process. Seeking some legal guidance can help to ensure that you come up with an arrangement that works for everyone.

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