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Is there a right time to inform kids about a divorce?

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Going through a divorce with kids involved can make issues more complicated. This is because you need to tell them about this significant change and watch them go through different emotions. Thus, you should approach the subject carefully to avoid negative effects.

However, besides being strategic in conveying your message, you need to know the right time to do so. Here is when to consider having a divorce conversation with your kids.

Not too soon or late

Once you and your spouse have decided to divorce, it will help to wait a bit longer before informing the kids, perhaps after you have figured out major issues like when the separation will occur or which parent will move out. Telling them months before separation may make things odd in the house, and your kids may overthink things.

Nonetheless, you don't want to do it late. Don't wait until one parent has moved out to inform them of the divorce. This may surprise your kids.

It will be best if your kids have a brief transition time. Not too early to increase their worries or too late to create an unexpectedness that makes it hard for them to adjust to their new life.

When there is adequate family time

Receiving news about your parents getting a divorce can be stressful. Therefore, consider having this conversation with your kids on a day that allows adequate family time.

You need to have honest communication with your kids about your divorce. There is no exact right time to tell them, but it should be sooner rather than later.

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