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Is it socially acceptable to throw a divorce party?

 Posted on September 26, 2019 in Divorce

Americans love to celebrate at every big occasion, so it's probably no surprise that "divorce parties" have become so popular.

But, is it really okay to have one? Here are a few things you should consider:

1. Why do you want to have one?

If you're thinking about all of the ways you can use your divorce party to emotionally devastate your ex-spouse, it's probably better to skip it. The real point of a party like this is to mark a transition. If you're focused on your ex, you haven't totally moved on.

On the other hand, if you want to simply celebrate a turning point in your path and welcome the future and all it brings, a party is probably very appropriate.

2. Will you benefit from a party?

A divorce party can be very life-affirming. The odds are high that your divorce will end a few relationships you've developed over the course of your marriage. By the same token, you may find your way back to old friendships, develop new friendships and find strong supporters among your family.

Seeing all of the people you've come to rely on during your transition gathered together can give you a real sense of community and support. In addition, it allows you to express your appreciation to them all at once.

3. Are you looking to set a tone?

One of the best reasons to have a divorce party, according to the experts, is that it gives people a chance to "reclaim their narrative." Instead of treating the end of a marriage as something over which you should grieve (or worse, be ashamed), a party signifies to others that you're doing well, you have no regrets and you're thrilled to be where you are in life.

Ultimately, whether or not to celebrate your divorce is a personal decision that you have to make. Your attorney, however, can guide you the process up to that point.

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