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Illinois divorce: 3 don’ts to improve your post-divorce life

 Posted on March 31, 2023 in Divorce

Some in the middle of a divorce do not look far past the end of their ordeal. In other words, they want to complete their divorce as fast as possible so they can start building a new life.

Unfortunately, a favorable divorce settlement is usually a prerequisite for successfully starting over. The following divorce “don’ts” could significantly improve your post-divorce economic circumstances.

1. Don’t discount spousal support

No matter how proud or bitter you may feel, do not dismiss the prospect of seeking alimony without careful consideration. Most people underestimate how expensive it is to survive on one income after combining economic resources with another for many years.

Even a short-term spousal support award can do much to improve your post-divorce financial circumstances. For example, it can help support you while you seek career training or education.

2. Don’t give in to unfair property demands

During property negotiations, you may feel tempted to agree to your spouse’s requests or demands to ward off an argument. While understandable, doing so could significantly harm your future finances. Look closely at any assets your spouse fights for aggressively.

It is vital to uncover their true worth before you sign away your right to a share of potentially valuable economic resources. While family courts do not approve grossly unfair property settlements, some assets could fall through the cracks.

3. Don’t overlook the benefits of legal guidance

Illinois divorce and property division laws are complicated and usually overwhelming for the uninitiated. A knowledgeable legal representative by your side ensures your decisions are sound and do not compromise your rights.

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