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How to Make Long Distance Co-Parenting Work

 Posted on July 27, 2023 in Child Support

DuPage County Family LawyerThere are times when one parent must relocate with their children. Whether due to a job change, to be closer to family, or to begin a new committed relationship, when adults move, minor children need to be considered carefully. 

While this can be difficult, ideally the parent who is not moving will still maintain their role in the children’s lives to the fullest extent possible. Even when a judge gives a parent permission to relocate, the other parent does not automatically lose parental responsibilities or parenting time; therefore, the parents need to work together to make co-parenting work. Here are some tips for successful long-distance co-parenting.

Schedule Times to Check In

A parent who does not live close to their children may not be involved in managing the children’s day-to-day lives, but the parent still needs to stay informed of what is going on so they can work to help make the right decisions. Since life can get busy, co-parents should schedule a time to communicate so each can learn what they need to know.

Keep in Constant Communication with the Children

A parent who cannot regularly see their children should take full advantage of new technologies to speak with their children whenever possible. They may even want to plan a “virtual activity,” so they can spend constructive time on electronic devices with the kids. This might include: 

  • Video chatting on a phone or a laptop

  • Videogaming nights 

  • Text messaging

  • Social media sharing 

Be Flexible Whenever Possible

Parents should consider creative methods for the children to spend as much time as possible with the parent who does not live close by. There should be a parenting plan, but both parents should be open to changing it when necessary, so the children can enjoy time with both parents. While consistency is extremely important, physical presence is also critical as well. Make sure that any changes in a parenting plan, whether virtual or in person, are approved by a judge beforehand; failing to follow a court-ordered parenting plan can have serious consequences. 

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