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How Does Birdnesting Work in Illinois?

 Posted on May 10, 2024 in Child Custody

Blog ImageBreakups are generally difficult to go through emotionally. Even if the people breaking up with each other have a great deal of respect and appreciation for one another, they are still acknowledging that they are unable to overcome differences or obstacles and are better off apart than together. It can be a harsh conclusion to come to, even more so if the couple is married with children. People tend to prefer staying together and raising their children as a couple, but sometimes that simply is not possible.

Parents going through a divorce need to figure out how they will be splitting their property and assets, what sort of spousal support arrangement they will have, and how they will continue raising their children with this new dynamic in their relationship. While some couples might have ugly fights with each spouse trying to get sole custody, other parents try to work together to come up with creative solutions that might suit their children’s best interests.

One option that some couples try is called birdnesting. This article will explore what is involved in birdnesting. If you are contemplating divorce and are wondering what creative custody options are available after an amicable divorce, speak with an experienced DuPage County, IL divorce lawyer to find out more.

Birdnesting Explained

When parents get a divorce, they generally decide whether they will sell their home or have one of them stay there, and the other find a new residence. They then build a custody arrangement where their child moves back and forth between both parents’ homes depending on their parenting schedule.

This arrangement works for a lot of people. It can offer peace of mind to the divorced couple since both people have their own homes and can protect their own privacy. Their child usually has a room ready in each home waiting for them on the days they are supposed to sleep there.

However, moving from house to house so often can feel like a very unstable existence.

For parents who can work together and share healthy communication birdnesting might be a good solution. In this type of arrangement, instead of the parents each having a permanent home that their child travels back and forth to, the child has a permanent home, and different parents stay there with him.

Generally, they each get a small apartment to stay in on nights they are not in their home. This new place can be relatively small since it is only for that parent and the children will not sleep there. In some cases, the two parents also share the alternative apartment, switching off which of them sleeps where every night. This can only work for certain couples and is not a good solution for everyone.

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If you are considering divorce and wondering how you can still maintain some stability for your child, speak with a skilled DuPage County, IL divorce attorney to find out whether birdnesting is a good option for your family. Call Fawell & Fawell at [phone]] to schedule a free consultation.

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