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How do you find a support system during your divorce?

 Posted on February 27, 2019 in Divorce

Everybody needs a support system during a divorce. But finding the people who will be there for you through these dark days may be harder than you initially realize at the beginning of your journey.

Why might it be hard to find good support during your divorce? Frankly, some people in your life may simply feel conflicted. If they're friends with both you and your spouse, they may feel guilty talking to either of you. Others simply can't cope with the emotional issues involved because of factors unique to their own life. To fill the void in your own support network, here's where you can turn:

Your family members

When you're married, your spouse becomes your closest family member. You also have to split your time very heavily. It's not unusual for even close siblings (take England's Prince Harry and Prince William, for example) to drift apart after their carefree single days are over.

Now is a good time to lean on your siblings, parents and other close relatives. You carry a bond of shared experiences that can make it easy to reconnect.

A support group

There are plenty of support groups out there for newly divorced or about-to-be-divorced individuals. You can find them through Facebook, at your local library and local community centers.

If you're seeing a therapist to help you work through the emotions surrounding your divorce, your therapist may also be able to help steer you to a group. Members can share common experiences and feelings that may be too ugly or unpleasant to share with other people close to you.

Your oldest friends

Your oldest friends, i.e., the ones you had before you became a couple, may be strong sources of emotional support during your divorce. They likely didn't bond as deeply with your spouse as they did with you, and probably won't feel conflicted when you vent about your spouse.

Good friends can also help you get out of the house, reinvent yourself a little and make the adjustment back to being single.

Whatever your needs, it's important to get experienced advice as you navigate the road ahead of your divorce. That's the best way to make certain that your rights are protected throughout the pendency of your divorce proceedings.

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