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Don’t underestimate the value of being a father

 Posted on April 13, 2020 in Fathers' Rights

Far too often in our society, the importance of fathers is overlooked. In fact, the law seems to favor mothers over fathers when it comes to child custody decisions. While this may be justifiable in some circumstances, in others it is wholly unfair. But to get to the heart of the matter you have to understand the impact an active father can have on a child’s life.

There are many ways that a father can positively influence his child. By playing an active role, a father can increase his child’s ability to build healthy relationships and confidence. Some studies have even shown that children who have an active father in their life develop better problem-solving skills. A father can decrease the chances that his child will engage in risky behavior later down the road, and a father’s presence can even lead to an increased likelihood that a child will go to college.

An active father can have a tremendous impact on a child’s mental health, too. Those children who have an active father in their life are less likely to develop psychological problems. One study has even shown that children to lean on their fathers more when it comes to dealing with social issues, which arguably could mean that fathers can help alleviate the anxiety associated with social pressures. And all of that is just the start of a father’s impact.

You may be asking yourself what this all means to you? If you are a father reading this post and wanting to play an active role in your child’s life, then you need to be prepared to take the legal steps that may be necessary to secure that outcome. Depending on the situation at hand, this can be an arduous process. You may have argue why contact with your child, increased visitation, or even sole custody supports your child’s interest while being attacked by the child’s mother. You may also have to present your case in front of a judge who is sympathetic to mothers. Regardless, with preparation and strong understanding of the law, you can better position yourself to achieve the outcome you desire.

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