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Divorce typically follows holidays and summer vacation

 Posted on August 25, 2016 in High Asset Divorce

Although people in Illinois decide to get divorced all times of the year, August appears to be the most popular month for dissolving a marriage. The next most popular month for divorce filings is March. These two months are considered peak months for ending a marriage for multiple reasons.

The holiday season is not a preferred time for getting a divorce simply because people want to remember the holidays as a happy time. In addition, sometimes people try to hold out during the holiday season with the hopes that their marriage will be rekindled during the holiday season. The same is true for the summer months, during which people might try to make their marriage work during the family vacation season.

During periods of economic recession, divorce filings typically go down altogether. These are periods of uncertainty, during which a person or his or her spouse may be laid off and need to financially depend on the other party. In the same way, getting divorced when the real estate market is sinking is also not the best idea because of the uncertainty of the financial aftermath of the situation.

With proper legal guidance, a person in Illinois can learn his or her rights when dealing with issues such as the division of assets during a divorce proceeding. Understanding these rights may prevent the person from being taken advantage of at the negotiation table or during divorce mediation, which are alternatives to divorce litigation. If two people can work out their issues on their own without involving the court, they increase their chances of achieving a settlement that is acceptable to both parties.

Source:, "August is a hot month for divorce filings", Erik Lacitis, Aug. 23, 2016

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