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Can your current custody arrangement be changed?

 Posted on August 31, 2022 in Child Custody

As a parent, your first priority during the divorce will have been to settle matters relating to child custody. Whether you and your co-parent were able to come to an agreement, or the court intervened, the final custody order is legally binding.

This means that it must be stuck to. Is this custody arrangement final or can changes ever be made?

When a parent has relocated

For the most part, parents will try to work their lives around the children. However, things can change fast, especially with employment circumstances. An opportunity has arisen for one parent to make much more money, which could give the child access to better opportunities in the future. If the job is out of state, then the current custody arrangement may simply not be workable. Under these conditions, it may be possible to ask the court to make a modification.

When terms have not been followed

Your co-parent was not happy with the arrangement that the court put in place. As a form of protest, they’ve been late for pick-ups and drop-offs and it’s causing disruption for both you and the child. If this pattern of behavior is regular, then the court may have no option but to step in and modify the terms.

It all centers around the needs of the child

The courts are aware that the needs of a child do not remain static. As they mature, their needs will adjust. A previous custodial agreement may become outdated and contrary to the needs of the child. Should this point arise, it may be possible to make amendments.

As a parent, you have a host of rights in Illinois. When seeking a change to your custody order, it’s advisable to have legal guidance behind you.

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