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Best interest of child important when divorce involves relocation

 Posted on July 15, 2015 in Child Custody

When two people divorce and end up with two separate homes, this can be burdensome not only on the couple but also on their shared children. The situation can be challenging both financially and emotionally; the children may particularly struggle with the idea of not just leaving behind friends if they have to move to a new community, city or state, but also leaving behind one of their parents. A few tips may help divorcing individuals in Illinois to focus on the best interest of the child when making decisions that impact their child, such as where the child will live moving forward.

Children are naturally fearful and concerned about how they will cope with their parents' divorce if it involves them moving away from one parent. It is important for the parents to be ready to answer their children's questions concerning how they will be impacted by the move. The details related to the move need to be worked out before this conversation takes place.

Children usually process change in a way that is different from how adults process change. They might become angry or emotional about having to move away. The move may be particularly tough if the two parents previously shared parenting responsibilities such as doctor's appointments, involvement with music lessons or sport activities, carpooling and school projects.

When getting divorced, it can be helpful if both parties are willing to mediate the divorce with the help of legal guidance. This may enable them to come up with a parenting agreement that works for both of them and is also best for the child. If not, an Illinois judge will determine which parent will have custody of the child based on several factors, focusing most importantly on the best interest of the child.

Source:, "Helping kids cope with post-divorce move", Helena Oliviero, July 8, 2015

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