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A vindictive spouse may play dirty during divorce

 Posted on January 15, 2020 in Divorce

You have probably had enough drama in your life as you dealt with the deterioration of your marriage. Perhaps you were even hoping to divorce your spouse through some less combative method, such as mediation, rather than going to court to fight it out. However, even if you and your spouse agree to alternative dispute resolution, you may still be facing tactics that can lead to more battles and more drama.

Whether you have previously witnessed vindictive behavior in your spouse, or you would never expect such actions from him or her, it may shock you to learn how divorce can bring out the worst in some people. That is why it is wise to know about some common dirty tricks spouses can play during divorce that can potentially wreck your future.

Don't play the game

It is not unusual for one or both sides in a divorce to feel angry or resentful because of the circumstances. After all, life is taking a drastic change, and it may not be a change your spouse was expecting or desiring. Unfortunately, some spouses take desperate measures to express their unhappiness or to make the divorce just as miserable for their former partners. For example, your ex may try any of the following tactics:

  • Dragging out the process and adding to your legal bills by filing numerous unreasonable petitions
  • Petitioning for sole custody of your children as a method of frightening you or leveraging for other demands
  • Refusing to allow you access to the children or to comply with custody arrangements to which you agreed
  • Refusing to negotiate so that you must communicate about every detail through your attorneys, which can also be costly
  • Withholding any financial support so that money is scarce when your court date arrives
  • Using the entire grace period before delivering court-ordered support payments
  • Emptying your joint bank accounts
  • Maxing out your joint credit cards or individual cards on which he or she is an authorized user

These are only a few common ways in which a spouse can damage any chances of a peaceful settlement and potentially leave the other spouse struggling into the future. Difficult as it may be, it is important to remain calm if you experience these or other tricks. There are steps you can take to protect yourself from these schemes, including seeking the advice and guidance of an Illinois attorney who can assist you in shielding your assets and obtaining the support you need and deserve.

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