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3 negative behaviors that may harm your divorce

 Posted on October 11, 2021 in Divorce

It is only natural to feel distressed or frustrated at times during the divorce procedure. Separation is a major life event that can impact the family.

However, divorce can also be looked at in a positive light as a chance to build for the future. As a result, it may be beneficial to avoid behaving negatively toward your spouse if the temptation should arise. Outlined below are three negative behaviors that might be worth avoiding.

Attempting to hide marital assets

When tensions run high, spouses may be tempted to act out of spite. Occasionally, an individual may believe that spending marital assets or attempting to hide them will harm their spouse. However, behaving in such a manner is unlikely to assist anyone. In fact, the courts may deem this to be in violation of the law and could seek to restore balance by awarding the other party a greater share of marital properties.

Making disparaging public statements against your spouse

Frequently, divorce negotiations run smoothly with high levels of cooperation. However, one disparaging comment about your spouse may undo much of the hard work. It might be beneficial to be wary of statements made to friends, family as well as posts on social media. Demeaning comments could reflect poorly on your character and ultimately impact your legal case.

Being discourteous during negotiations

The divorce process often runs more efficiently when all parties remain professional and polite. Snide comments or unwarranted rude behavior could break negotiations down and send disputes spiraling out of control. It may be helpful to take a minute to reflect before making comments and refrain from saying things that have no positive impact.

The divorce process can be hard on everyone involved. Therefore, it is worth considering methods that could make the procedure run more smoothly. As a spouse in Illinois, you should remember that you have legal rights.

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