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A benefit of getting divorced that might surprise you

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Divorce |

The divorce process can be stressful and aggravating sometimes, but you will get through it if you stay focused on your goal: a reasonable settlement that respects your property and parental rights and sets you up well long-term.

Ending an irretrievably broken marriage can be emotionally painful and psychologically turbulent at times. But once it’s over, you will be free of the problems that plagued your relationship. For many people in Wheaton, starting the next phase of their lives in this way is a huge relief. They can now focus on their own happiness and raising their children.

Improved work life?

Another benefit that some divorced experience is an improvement in their work life. In a survey published in a scientific journal, 39 percent of divorced people said that ending their marriage positively affected their work. Another 44 percent said that divorce had had a negative effect. Still, the fact that the figures were so close suggests that the effect of divorce on your career depends on individual circumstances.

For some, the burden of paying alimony and child support could force them to work longer hours or take on less inviting assignments. But for others, losing the distraction of an unhappy home life could give them more time and energy to focus on their jobs. Improved job performance could lead to a raise or promotion, or simply more satisfaction in their work. They could be free to move wherever they want, including out of state, to pursue a promising job offer or go back to school.

Starting your post-divorce life on the right foot

Whether your career improves after divorce or not, having a sound financial cushion after your marriage ends is crucial. This starts with a fair and reasonable settlement of property division, including key valuables like the house, bank accounts and retirement savings.

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