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2 surprising things that could affect your custody rights after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Child Custody |

Parents generally don’t have to worry all that much about having to prove that they’re fit to parent while married or things are going well in their relationship. Absent allegations of abuse or neglect, no one generally questions their ability to parent.

During a divorce, however, custody disputes can become fierce. While you may be conscious of many things that can affect the outcome of your case, there are some more obscure concerns — like the following  —  that could end up with the same result:

Poor hygiene and appearance

Someone’s personal grooming habits can say a lot about how well they take care of themselves and their surroundings, such as their car or home. This is, in part, why judges like parents to appear in front of them before they render any custody decisions. 

A judge might worry about how effective you’ll be at parenting if you appear in their courtroom disheveled and unkempt. Since we know that poor hygiene can give way to illnesses, a judge may avoid awarding you custody if they’re unsure that you can preserve the good health of your child.

Dietary concerns

Most judges aren’t nutritionists. Judges do, however, expect moms and dads to exercise sound judgment when caring for their child’s needs. One way in which the Court may expect a parent to do that is by feeding their child a nutritionally balanced diet. 

Child custody issues can erupt over blatantly unhealthy diets — like when your failure to control your child’s fast food addiction leads to obesity and problems. They can also erupt over supposedly healthy diets, like super-restrictive vegan diets for young children that leave them malnourished.

Are your custody rights at risk?

The chances of you being deprived of custody are real if your ex can present evidence that your diet or hygiene habits have negatively affected your child. You must head into your upcoming custody hearing armed with a strong rebuttal argument for any potential allegations your ex may make. 

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