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What are the best custody approaches when parents live in different states?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Child Custody |

Custody arrangements can be challenging to negotiate when divorced or separated parents live close to one another. An added layer of complication enters into the picture when parents live in two different states. 

Lots of co-parents must contend with long-distance parenting issues when sharing custody. Could some of the child custody options they implement be of use in your cross-state custodial situation?

Common approaches to shared parenting across state lines

The prospect of negotiating child custody arrangements in the above-referenced situations may seem daunting — but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are creative approaches that many families employ in such situations. 

One option parents often go with when it’s too far for them to travel to see their child regularly is to make a point of visiting on holidays or during summer vacation when their kids have substantial free time. A parent in this instance may request more prolonged, uninterrupted stays with their child when they arrive in town during these times, even though the child spends the bulk of the year with the other parent. 

Long-distant parents will often schedule regular phone calls or video chats in between such visits. This option may allow a child to enjoy visitation with a close relative of their non-custodial parent instead of that person oneself. Regular communication via electronic means can help parents and children strengthen and maintain their bonds despite the distance.

Resolving your interstate custody matters

Sorting out custody is one of the more challenging aspects of a divorce. You must remember that it’s in your child’s best interest to share their time with each parent. You owe it to your child to identify solutions to make your custody arrangement with your co-parent work

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