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Help: My spouse is telling lies about me in our Illinois divorce!

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2021 | Divorce |

Unfortunately, one spouse telling lies about the other is a common occurrence in Wheaton, Illinois divorces. Examples include:

  • He cheated on me through the whole marriage.
  • She cannot stop drinking or taking drugs.
  • He hits the children when I am out of the home.
  • She yells at the kids and tells them they are useless.
  • He forces me to have sex when I do not want to.
  • She sells items from my sports memorabilia collection and pockets the cash.

Although these behaviors often fail to work out for the lying spouse, untruths can make an already trying time even worse.

Why would a spouse tell such terrible lies?

In most cases, your spouse wants to hurt you and your side of the divorce. Maybe your spouse does not want a divorce, and this is the only thing he can think of to delay the process. Regardless of the reason, we believe lying harms you in many ways:

  • It can turn your family members against you.
  • It can make a family court scrutinize your every move and the words you speak.
  • It can upset you so much that you lash out before the court.
  • It can cause problems in your relationship with your kids.
  • If left unchallenged, it can impact your divorce settlement.

We want you to understand one vital thing. In the end, spouses that lie to divorce court officials accomplish nothing more than revealing their unethical (and perhaps illegal) behaviors.

If you believe your spouse is trying to undermine you with lies, do not keep it to yourself. Seeking experienced legal guidance can help you determine a way to protect your interests against your spouse’s untruths.

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