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"Divorce cakes" are turning into a trend

Twenty years ago, if you heard that someone was going to celebrate their divorce, you probably figured that meant they were going to go out to a bar with a few good friends and tie one on.

Now, there might actually be a real party -- complete with a cake -- involved.

Bakeries are reporting that "divorce cakes" are becoming a bigger and bigger trend in recent years. It's long been a tradition in American culture to celebrate a wedding with an elaborate -- and often symbolic -- cake. It rather makes sense that divorcing couples might decide to celebrate the end of a marriage the same way.

After all, done right, divorce can be sweet. If you've been locked in an unhappy marriage for a while, a divorce can be very freeing and something to truly celebrate -- so why not eat some cake?

Bakers say that the requests they get for divorce cakes range from the silly the macabre. A broken "ball and chain" is a symbol that's frequently requested. And, the number one flavor that people request for a divorce cake is red velvet -- perhaps symbolizing the metaphorical bloodshed that brought them to a parting of the ways with their spouse.

There are even party planners who specialize in divorce parties -- much like wedding planners (only in reverse). They can help a newly divorced person craft a party to remember more fondly than they do their actual wedding. They can even help come up with rituals, music lists, entertainment and signature drinks that are all appropriate to the occasion.

This trend emphasizes something important every soon-to-be-divorced person should know: Divorce is a highly personal experience and it doesn't have to be a case for sorrow. You have every right to approach it in your own unique way.

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