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Criminal defense attorneys: More than just a defense

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Fighting in your defense is an important part of your attorney’s job. However, your attorney has other jobs, too. When you work with an attorney, your attorney listens to you and gets to know your story. Your attorney is there to guide you and make sure you know what steps to take to avoid penalties you don’t deserve.

When you’re working with your attorney, you should do all you can to make sure your attorney knows the full truth of your case. Nothing is worse than getting to court and learning about new facts involved in the case or about witnesses who weren’t discussed before. Your attorney needs to know everything in order to protect you.

What does a defense attorney do?

Your defense attorney’s job is not a simple one. First, your attorney needs to listen to your story and get to know the evidence that the prosecution has against you. It’s also important to find out the charges that have been filed, if any, to be certain of how it could be lowered or eliminated. Your attorney would also know about possible alternative sentencing guidelines based on the charges as well.

Your attorney also has the job of preparing you for court. This is likely the most important job your attorney has because even with the best defense, a poor attitude or appearance can hurt your case. Learning what to say, how to look and how to address the court is vital to your success. Our site has more about criminal law and what you can expect in court.

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