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2 nonviolent individuals arrested on drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

If you are addicted to drugs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out to harm other people. You may only want to do what you can to help yourself avoid withdrawal. If you have nowhere to turn, then it’s the only lifestyle you know how to rely on.

This is something that courts are beginning to take into consideration. People who are addicted to drugs are not only harming others but also themselves. With assistance, it’s possible to reduce the likelihood of further violations while also helping the individual get their life back.

Drug courts may consider helping you through addiction counseling or substance abuse treatment if you’re a nonviolent offender. For instance, in two cases in Illinois, people were arrested for drug charges. One, 40, is accused of selling methamphetamine. Another, 50, is accused of selling cocaine.

In both cases, neither person was violent toward the police, and there were no weapons charges filed. As a result, these might be good candidates for a drug-court program. Illinois has many drug-court programs across the state. These may help people with drug addiction seek addiction treatment. They often help these individuals stay out of prison as they work toward bettering their own lives.

Compassion may seem like a difficult thing to have for someone abusing drugs, but the reality is that anyone could fall into the cycle of addiction. Helping people through the drug courts and preventing individuals from entering the prison system with violent offenders is just one way to change the way the system looks at drug offenders in the United States.

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