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Criminal defense techniques can help you protect your rights

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You committed a crime, and you can admit to your attorney that you did. You haven’t admitted anything to police to protect yourself, and it’s a good thing you haven’t. Now, your attorney has more options.

In your case, you’re facing charges based on evidence the police and prosecution believe they have. On the other hand, your attorney can benefit from the fact that you have not admitted to your crimes. This gives them the ability to work with your story and find a good defense tactic.

There are a few defensive techniques that could work in your case. For instance, your attorney may be able to find mistakes the prosecution has made or trouble with the evidence. These kinds of errors could result in charges being thrown out.

In the case that the evidence is condemning, it’s still possible to defend yourself. It may just not be by stating innocence. Sometimes, admitting guilt but explaining your circumstances is enough to show that others would have done what you did given the same circumstances. Other times, it helps reduce penalties or lower charges, so you don’t get penalties that you don’t deserve.

Your attorney is there to protect you throughout the case, whether you’re truly guilty or not. The best thing you can do is to let your attorney know the facts of your case and to be honest with them. The things you say to your attorney are privileged, which means that they cannot be used against you in court. What you say to your attorney stays with your attorney for your protection.

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