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Judge to decide fate of Cowboys star accused of domestic violence

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Domestic violence is a problem that is often not recognized immediately. Rather, it usually happens behind closed doors in environments where victims are highly vulnerable and unable to get help. In many cases, domestic violence can have a lasting and damaging effect on victims and their families, and in serious cases it can have fatal results. For perpetrators, the consequences can significantly affect their reputation, career and ability to create healthy relationships altogether.

Such is the case for a current Dallas Cowboys player who has allegedly been charged with domestic violence against a former girlfriend. The star running back was issued a six-game suspension when allegations were initially addressed in August. However, a series of complications and disagreements between the player and the National Football League have hampered efforts to reach an agreement. Interestingly, the Cowboys star was never actually charged with a crime in the state of Ohio where the alleged incidents took place. Details about what happened between the player and his then-girlfriend are currently unknown. If he is charged in the case, he will be facing an immediate suspension that could negatively affect both his personal career and the success of the Cowboys team this season. Following the hearing, an outcome is expected to be announced in the coming week and the star's fate for the remainder of the season will be announced.

Because domestic violence can undoubtedly affect the lives of so many, professional legal help plays a critical role in determining legal allegations and settling on consequences. For victims or loved ones suffering from the side effects of domestic violence, they may wish to contact a trusted attorney for reliable help and guidance.

Source: KCTV 5 News, "Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott heads to court to learn fate of Kansas City game, NFL season," Jared Koller, Oct. 30, 2017

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