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How can a domestic violence/assault charge affect my job?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence in Illinois, you should learn about the ways it can affect your job. People who have criminal backgrounds and arrest records are not often treated fairly, nor are they always given a second chance after they have repaid their debts to society. 

Take some time to learn how a domestic violence or assault charge and arrest can affect your employment. Once you understand what is at stake, you can take steps to improve the outcome of your situation and lessen its impact. 

Reduces employment opportunities 

Many employers tend to overlook individuals who have arrest records for candidates who do not have them. They may also prefer people who have arrests for other types of crimes. Domestic violence/assault charges indicate that you may have problems handling conflict, do not work well with others and are a threat to public safety. These characteristics may not accurately describe you, but they are often associated with assault and domestic violence charges. 

Could lose current job 

Employers are not very tolerant of people who have been accused, arrested and charged with domestic violence. Your current employer may pass you up for employment opportunities. If that charge turns into a conviction, your employer could fire you, states DermatologyTimes.com. You may also have trouble getting hired by other employers and have to accept lower paying opportunities. 

A conviction has a much larger impact on your life than an arrest. If you are found guilty, and you do not have any other charges and convictions, you may qualify to have your domestic violence/assault conviction expunged. An expungement hides your arrest and conviction from the public. But if you ever have a run in with law enforcement in the future, they can see that you have an arrest for domestic violence/assault on your record, which can impact any future legal situations you have.

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