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Myths about divorce might lead to poor decision-making

Sometimes divorce is inevitable if two married individuals have irreconcilable differences. Unfortunately, it can also be a stressful period for individuals in Illinois. Myths about the divorce process may cause individuals to make choices that might ultimately hurt them.

Focus on finances important in the midst of a divorce

When people get divorced in Illinois, one of their concerns naturally may be how they will be able to stay ahead financially. After all, in addition to causing emotional grief, a divorce can easily cause financial problems. A few tips may help people to take care of themselves financially following divorce.

Asset division critical part of divorce process

Although divorce in Illinois can be a financially and emotionally trying process at any age, people going through gray divorces -- or divorces in their later years -- face a special challenge. They are closer to retirement and thus have less time to financially bounce back from a divorce before they reach their golden years. A few tips may help individuals to navigate the divorce process while protecting their retirement plans.

Determining who gets to keep the pet can be tricky during divorce

Nearly 80 million households in the United States, including many in Illinois, own pets. In modern society, more Americans are delaying giving birth to children, so pets have become an increasingly important -- and contentious -- aspect of divorce. Determining who will get custody of a companion animal can be tricky when two divorcing individuals do not agree on the issue.

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