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Child custody issues can be challenging during holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2015 | Child Custody |

Although Christmas is often described as being the most wonderful season of the year, it can be one of the most stress-causing times, too. Families are consumed with completing their long to-do lists and attending Christmas events. However, being divorced can make things even more complicated, both for the adults and for the children. A few tips may help people to effectively handle child custody issues during the holiday season in Illinois.

First, it is good to avoid the drama of splitting time, as this can be uncomfortable for all of the parties involved. Children particularly get confused regarding what they are supposed to say or how they should act when dealing with these situations, as they do not want to make either parent upset. It is best to settle split-time complications behind the scenes for the children’s sake.

It is also important not to turn the Christmas season into a competition regarding which parent can be the most fun by spending the most money. After all, a child’s love cannot be bought. Finally, it is wise to avoid giving children gifts that come with strings attached. For instance, it is best to avoid choosing a gift that can only be kept at one parent’s home, as this can make the divorce situation even harder on the child.

A divorce proceeding in Illinois involving child custody can be overwhelming for the entire family, especially if the parents do not always see eye to eye. If possible, the parents may benefit from negotiating and pursuing an outcome that benefits both them and their children. Proper legal guidance can help them to achieve a result that is not only satisfactory to them but also is, most importantly, in the best interests of the child.

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