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The Indiana Pacers' Paul George wants sole custody of daughter

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Paul George, a star player for the Indiana Pacers, is involved in a custody battle for a child that may or may not actually be his. Apparently, a paternity suit was started while George was busy playing in the NBA's Eastern Conference finals. The suit was filed by a woman who used to work as a stripper.

George has now stated that if it does turn out that the child belongs to him, he would like to have full custody of her. She is 2 months old right now.

Cited as a reason for his desire to have the girl live with him is the fact that, according to George, the girl's mother is no longer employed. He does not believe that she can give the child a good home because of her lack of income. George, on the other hand, says that his own position offers him the means that are needed to give the girl an excellent home.

The woman, however, also wants to get sole custody from the court. Her lawyer said that the only reason she did not have a job was that she had a child to raise. The woman said that George's extensive travel while playing in the NBA meant he would not be a good father.

This is a very interesting case, looking at both father's rights and the best interests of the child, because paternity has not even been established at this point. Those who want to seek custody of their children despite not being married may want to watch the outcome to see how their rights would be interpreted while the judge tries to figure out what would be best for the child.

Source: ESPN, "Paul George seeks sole custody," July 1, 2014

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