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2 tools people employ that could help them avoid a divorce

 Posted on August 26, 2022 in Divorce

Many people do not understand the reality of marriage until they have already made a long-term commitment to someone else. Married couples may find that they have a hard time maintaining their relationship because of bad behavior from one spouse, a mismatch of goals, opposite schedules or even health issues.

When spouses start to grow apart or resent one another, it may seem like divorce is the inevitable outcome of that situation. However, couples can employ tools to rework their relationship and sometimes prevent a divorce. What are some of the more popular approaches employed by those who want to save a troubled marriage?

A postnuptial agreement

Spouses who have conflict in their relationship due to misconduct or a change in values or expectations don't necessarily have to end their marriages. They can discuss those issues and draft a postnuptial agreement.

A postnuptial agreement can give you an opportunity to address bad behavior and impose penalties for substance abuse, infidelity or secretive gambling. It could also give you an opportunity to reevaluate your goals and values so that you and your spouse can work toward the same future together.

Postnuptial agreements are powerful tools that not only can help you change your perspective on your marriage but can also help you make a divorce less emotional and expensive if you do go your separate ways.

A sleep divorce

For those who find that irritation with one another, incompatible schedules or health issues are the sources of stress on their marriage, a sleep divorce could help them adjust their relationship. A sleep divorce involves a married couple that has previously shared a bed deciding to sleep separately.

Maintaining separate beds and rooms can help when you work first shift and your spouse works third shift. It can also help those who find that too much time in close quarters with their spouse increases how much they argue. Lights sleepers and snorers married to one another may find that a sleep divorce helps both of them get better rest and takes the pressure off their relationship.

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