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What custody arrangement works best if you have a demanding job?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2021 | Child Custody |

The custody arrangements that both child psychologists and the courts deem best for children have shifted over the past few years. The current consensus is that joint or shared custody is what’s best for kids.

Not all situations are the same, though. Not all parents employ the same approach to parenting, nor are the demands on their time the same. A 50/50 custody schedule might not be realistic for all parents –especially ones with demanding careers.

Is 50/50 custody possible given your family dynamics?

Many parents who share 50/50 custody generally have their kids for certain days during the week. Others may have their kids on alternating weeks. There are other variations as well.

Various factors determine which custody schedule parents implement. Whether a child is old enough to return from school to an empty home alone and take care of themselves is likely to impact custodial arrangements. A parent’s work schedule and whether they have to travel for their job may also impact how much parenting time they can assume.

Parents with special needs children may find it challenging to balance their job demands with giving their children the required care. It can also be challenging for parents who are in the military to maintain a consistent 50/50 custody arrangement.

If given a chance, most parents would want to secure something akin to a 50/50 custody arrangement. It might just not make sense, given your career obligations and your kids’ needs. You’ll want to carefully weigh what works for you before sitting down to negotiate a custody agreement in your case.

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