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Most custody battles result in favorable outcome for women

When two people get a divorce in Illinois, they often are faced with difficult decisions about how to split their time with the children they share. Often, child custody agreements are used to provide clarity and mutual understanding that can be used as a reference in maintaining a peaceful arrangement between both parents. When these agreements are created, the best interests of the children are considered in determining where they will live and how important decisions regarding their upbringing will be decided between the parents. 

When joint custody is marred by disagreements

Arranging child custody is one of the most challenging parts for many couples who are seeking a divorce in Illinois. This is primarily because each party has failed to reach an amicable solution in regards to their marriage, so the idea of maintaining any sort of relationship at all is a bit daunting. However, because they share children, they have to get past some of their disagreements to effectively raise their children and give them the best chance at having a happy and prosperous life. 

What is the basis for terminating parental rights?

Sometimes in Illinois, the court must terminate parental rights without the consent of the parent. If this happens, the court must find the parent is unfit. If you know someone struggling with this issue or if you are facing parental rights termination, it helps to understand how the court makes the determination of an unfit parent.

Can you maintain a relationship with your child after divorce?

You and your spouse have recently decided to get a divorce in Illinois and now you are facing an uphill battle to rebuild your life as an independent person. Part of the challenge you are facing is the process of helping your children cope with an uncertain future as they try to understand the changes to their family dynamic. What you may find unsettling is the changes that are inevitable in the relationship you have with each of your children, but with some work and a whole lot of understanding, you can continue to build and maintain a good relationship with them. 

Coordinating a parenting plan that benefits everyone

When a couple makes the decision to separate and get a divorce in Illinois, their decision instantly becomes more complicated if they have had children together. While the logistics of separation and co-parenting may not seem too complicated at first, if differences are not addressed immediately, long-term strife and contention may soon overtake any promise of a beneficial relationship. 

Can you relocate if you do not have custody of your child?

Dealing with a divorce is a tough situation. If you have children, then it is even more difficult. Either you or the other parent will likely move out of your family home before the divorce is final and custody has been decided. If you wish you to move and you are the one the children have been with, you could face issues. This is especially true if you decide you want to move out of Illinois.

Judges can award joint ownership of pets in IL divorce cases

Emotions are probably already running high in a typical Illinois divorce before a couple starts to discuss the family's pets. In some situations, the animal may have already expressed a preference for one spouse over the other. However, in the past, a pet's wishes have not been considered in divorce court unless the spouses themselves have thought about it and come to an agreement on their own. Sadly, the result of a judge's decision could mean emotional difficulties for the animal as well as the humans who love it.

Should your child be involved in developing the parenting plan?

You and your spouse have agreed that divorcing is the best thing for everyone in the family. Even your children seem relieved when the two of you sit down to talk to them about it. Naturally, they want to know which of you they will spend more time with, and if they will have to move, and they may have some very definite ideas about how things should go. Should you accept their input when you draw up a parenting plan schedule?

What is sole custody?

If you are involved in a custody case in Illinois, you should know the different options you have in the type of custody you can request. One of those is sole custody. According to The Spruce, sole custody is when one parent has the sole responsibility and control over the children. If you are granted sole custody, you do not need to confer with your children's other parent when making major decisions if you do not want to. You have the authority to make any and all decisions about your children.

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