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When Parents Want To Relocate With Children

Following a divorce or the end of a relationship, a person may want to move on in more ways than one. This may include moving to a new city, state or even country. Sometimes this is simply to get a new start. However, many people move for work or family as well.

When a parent wants to relocate with a child, a legal process must be followed. A parent cannot simply move away without the involvement of the court. The court will want to see that the move is in the child’s best interest and that the other parent will still be involved in the child’s life. Further, the parent who is remaining behind has rights and can take steps to either stop the move-away or ensure that he or she can continue to be involved in the child’s life following the move-away. Even if both parents agree to the relocation, child custody agreements must be modified to formalize the changes.

Guidance For Parents In Move-Away Cases

At Fawell & Fawell in Wheaton, Illinois, our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of parental relocation cases. Whether you are considering moving with your child or you are concerned that your child will be taken away from you, we can provide the skilled guidance you need.

It is important for both sides to be aware of how a move-away will impact the child and the steps that can be taken to ensure that the child maintains the benefit of having two parents involved in his or her life. What that looks like can vary dramatically from case to case. It may mean including clear plans in the revised child custody order that explain when and how the child will travel to visit the parent who remains behind and who covers the costs of travel for the child. It may mean including specific instructions about when the child is to communicate via phone or Skype with the parent who remains in the previous location. Our lawyers take great care in addressing these matters.

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