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Championing Your Rights

How To Enforce A Family Law Court Order

It is important to remember that court orders pertaining to child custody, child support and other family law matters are legally binding. Failure to adhere to orders can lead to charges of contempt of court, which can result in serious penalties. The most severe cases may rise to the level of parental kidnapping, for which the consequences can be dire.

Nonetheless, people often feel helpless when co-parents refuse to let them see their children or fail to make child support payments. They do not know what to do or whom to turn to. Do they go to family court? Do they call the police? Similarly, people facing enforcement actions for allegedly not following court orders have rights as well and should protect themselves from potentially major repercussions.

On Your Side In Enforcement Actions

At Fawell & Fawell in Wheaton, Illinois, our lawyers understand how frustrating and stressful these matters can be. Perhaps the other parent is consistently late picking up or dropping off your child. Perhaps child support payments are months behind. Perhaps there were unique terms agreed to that the other parent is not following. Or maybe you have tried your best and you are now subject to enforcement actions and you need to make things right. Whatever the case may be, we are here to usher you through it.

When possible, our goal is to reach a positive outcome in the most efficient manner possible. We want you to be able to get to a place where the court orders are followed and neither side has to worry about issues arising. When appropriate, we can seek modifications to orders if there has been a change of circumstances that prevents the original orders from being workable. When necessary, we will pursue full enforcement actions, including contempt of court charges and the threat of incarceration if that is what it takes.

Free Consultations About Enforcement

For a free initial consultation about your enforcement case, we encourage you to call our attorneys today at 630-480-6253. You may also reach us by email.