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Understanding Legal Separation

In Illinois, legal separation is an alternative to divorce. You are still married after the process is complete. It is rarely used, but might be considered if parties do not wish to divorce for religious reasons.

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More Information About Legal Separation

As a family law lawyer with more than 30 years of experience representing people throughout the western Chicago suburbs, Terry Fawell can talk to you about the option of a legal separation. A legal separation is different from marital dissolution, although similar in many ways.

Legal separation agreements address the same issues as a marital settlement agreement in a divorce:

Although legal separation and divorce are similar, the key difference is that you are legally still married in a separation. If you get a divorce and want to remarry, you can. If you are legally separated and want to remarry, you can’t, because you are still married.

A legal separation can be converted to a divorce. Some couples may choose to obtain a legal separation for financial or tax reasons prior to obtaining a final divorce decree. Others remain legally separated indefinitely for religious reasons, for health insurance or for other personal preferences.

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