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What Is The Difference Between Custody And Guardianship? When Can I Adopt A Stepchild?

Grandparents often find themselves in the role of being a parent for a grandchild, but without the legal authority to deal with schools and health care facilities. Stepparents can find themselves in a similar role, serving the role of parent in every sense except legally.

As family law attorney with more than 30 years of experience in Wheaton and the western Chicago suburbs, Terry Fawell can inform grandparents and stepparents about how to bring legal reality to an existing relationship. This may be through either establishing a legal guardianship or adopting the child.

Obtaining Guardianship Of A Child

  • Grandparents can seek guardianship of their grandchildren when the biological parents are unable to care for their children.
  • Guardianship can be terminated later if the biological parents are able to resume caring for the child. Guardianship allows a grandparent to enroll grandchildren for health insurance under an employer plan, enroll grandchildren in school and make health care decisions.
  • An alternative to guardianship is to seek custody of a child. Courts can award child custody to a grandparent or other relative. However, guardianship accomplishes the same things as legal custody and is both easier and less expensive to obtain.

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