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Is a prenuptial agreement worthwhile?

Prenuptial agreements used to be something associated with heiresses and trust fund babies -- but things have changed. Men and women alike are coming into marriage a little older, a little more independent and a little more financially sophisticated than in the past -- especially among the Millennial generation.

No-contact orders vs. orders of protection in Illinois

Stalking, threats and acts of violence can start out of nowhere and happen to anyone. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 14 out of every 1,000 adults will experience some form of stalking every year. Three-quarters of all stalking victims know their tormentor in some way or another.

Why is establishing legal paternity important?

When your girlfriend announced that she was pregnant, you were thrilled. You anxiously awaited your child's birth, and you've been there every step of the pregnancy. Now that your child is actually here, you're an active and involved parent. The only problem is that, for one reason or another, your name isn't on the birth certificate as the child's father.

Why doesn't my ex have to account for my support money?

A constant source of frustration for divorced parents who have to pay child support is that they often doubt that their hard-earned money is actually going to their child. They often suspect the money is going to fund the receiving parent's lifestyle or unnecessary items.

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