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Never focus on the past in child custody disputes

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Child Custody |

Parents who are going through a child custody matter have to ensure that they’re focusing solely on the children. This can be a very challenging and emotional time because each parent will think that their own way of doing things is the right one. 

It’s imperative to put the children first no matter what’s going on. This is usually best when the parents can get along so they can make the decisions that are in the child’s best interests. One thing to remember is that you have to focus on what’s going on now and what needs to happen in the future. 

The history between you and your ex doesn’t matter

You and your ex have a history that ended when you split up. That history shouldn’t be a part of the child custody decisions unless it has to do with abuse or neglect. Leaving the emotional side of the divorce or separation alone and thinking only about how decisions affect the kids can help you to ensure that you’re doing what’s necessary for them. 

Direct communication is the only option

Direct communication is critical when you’re dealing with child custody matters. Never rely on anyone, including the children, to pass messages back and forth. Parents who can communicate directly can discuss things related to the kids. 

With direct communication may come disagreements. Having conflict resolution methods in the parenting plan is important. You and your ex have to learn to negotiate with each other because compromise is a key to being successful when you’re raising children without a romantic relationship with your ex.

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