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Month: May 2020

Why can’t a prenup address child custody?

You’re getting married, and you decide to use a prenup to protect your assets and/or protect yourself from your spouse’s debt. If you get divorced, you know how things are going to play out financially. During this process, you bring up children. You know that you...

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Divorce is like bankruptcy: A fresh start

Have you ever heard someone refer to bankruptcy as a fresh start? It’s a chance to get rid of the debt that has been weighing you down. Yes, the process itself might be hard, but you get to eliminate that debt and start over. There is a freedom in that that can be...

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Can just one spouse file for divorce?

If you want to get divorced and your spouse does not, do you need to get them to agree to the split before you file? With marriage, you both have to agree and sign the marriage contract together. Is that how it works with divorce? It’s not. Thanks to the "no-fault"...

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Who gets ownership of pets in a divorce?

About 84.9 million families own a pet across the country—that accounts for about 67% of households. Owners spend billions of dollars on their pets, with the amount increasing steadily over the year. Most people consider their pet an integral part of their family,...

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