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I have more than three decades of experience with:

  • Divorce: Overly aggressive legal representation can increase the cost of your divorce by creating conflict where none existed. As your lawyer, I use a collaborative style that will help protect your interests and your finances while still dissolving your marriage. Learn more about divorce cases, spousal maintenance and related issues and get answers to your questions.
  • Legal separation: The process of a legal separation is similar to divorce, but it is rarely used. Even though a separation agreement may be reached, however, you are still married.
  • Child custody and visitation: If child custody is an issue in your divorce, it must be resolved prior to financial issues. Mediation is often used to assist the parties in developing a parenting plan.
  • Child support: Illinois child support guidelines are 20 percent of net income for one child, 28 percent for two children, 32 percent for three children, 40 percent for four children, 45 percent for five children and 50 percent for six or more children.
  • Modifications and enforcement: In the months and years after a divorce has been finalized, life can change. If there has been a significant change in material circumstances, modifications can be granted to child custody and support orders. Enforcement actions can be taken if one party is not following court orders.
  • Domestic violence: Illinois courts are wary of using an order of protection to force one spouse from the home during a divorce. Unless there is physical abuse, the courts are reluctant to evict one of the parties.
  • Prenuptial agreements: Many people entering second marriages use prenuptial or premarital agreements to protect inherited property and assets from a former marriage.
  • Paternity: A father can file a paternity case if the mother is denying him access to their child. Mothers often seek to establish paternity to receive child support and help with day care, medical coverage and school-related expenses.
  • Guardianships: In some cases, you may need to step in and become the legal guardian of your grandchild, stepchild or another child in your life.
  • Adoptions: Grandparents and stepparents often find themselves serving the role of parent in every sense except legally. Adopting the child can bring legal reality to that relationship.

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